Picking the best online casino for yourself

Are you planning to start gambling at online casinos? Well then, you must be really confused as

to which one would be the best for you. Obviously, there are thousands of casinos online and

each offers a plethora of benefits that can entice anyone. But that doesn’t mean that each is

good for you. The choice of the online casino must be a wise and the following things to be


1. Games offered – The first step would be to find out whether a particular casino offers the

game(s) you are willing to play. If you are after the most common casino games like poker,

blackjack, etc., you may get them at most sites. But not, if you are looking for something

more uncommon. So, first make sure the casino offers what you are looking for.

2. Credibility – The next thing that you need to ensure is the credibility of the casino. You are

looking for both fun and cash and you wouldn’t surely like to fall prey to a scam. Find out if

a casino has a license to run its business and if the license is genuine and valuable. If the

casino has a certification, the better it is for you. This will ensure that you are not playing

into the hands of any online scam.

3. Permit – Not all online casinos are permitted in every country. Some countries do not even

allow online casinos and gambling legally. Before you settle for a particular casino, better

find out whether the casino has the legal rights to operate in your country. Also, you need

to check if the particular casino allows players from your country. Else, you will be in legal

trouble and may lose all your earnings.

4. Platform – The platform on which the games are offered in a particular online casino must

also be considered. The platform determines the gaming experience and you would always

want to opt for reputable software providers like Microgaming, etc. If the casino uses its

own software, make sure that it works well and without a glitch.

5. Support – Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a pro, customer support is

something that you are going to need, some time or the other. So, make sure to find out if

the online casino is good at its customer support. You should be able to contact them via

live chat, email, and phone call 24*7 and their support team must be able to solve your

problems or issues at the earliest.

6. Payment options – Since deposits and withdrawals are an important part of playing online,

make sure to check that carefully. Go for online casinos that offer a number of payment

modes that you can opt to choose. This will ease the process of transactions.

7. Security – It is also vital that the casino that you choose offers maximum security to the

players. Any personal info that you share must remain confidential and mustn’t be sold or

leaked. Additionally, all financial information should be ultra secure and theft proof. Make

sure that the site uses an SSL certificate as well to guarantee online safety.

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Why online casinos are a better choice than traditional casinos?

If you really love gambling, then a casino is the best spot for you to have fun. You can meet

fellow gamblers, play at the table of your choice and bet as much as you want on your favorite

games. This, undoubtedly, would be the idea of perfect fun and entertainment for an avid

gambler. But in day-to- day life, this isn’t really always possible. There are a number of obstacles

that stand in the way of your favorite pastime and that is exactly why online casinos have come

into vogue.

Introduced several decades ago, online casinos have taken over the market for a number of

reasons –

1. Flexibility – The first major reason for the popularity of the online casinos is their

flexibility. The player can have access to a casino any time of the day he/she wants and

can play from wherever he/she wants. There is absolutely no need to be present at the

casino or any sort of schedule to follow. You are free to log on to your favorite casino as

you would like and start playing.

2. Convenient – Being quite flexible in nature, the online casinos are extremely convenient

for gamblers of the modern age. You do not need to visit the casino separately, no need

to hamper your daily duty and chores and yet you can play as much as you want, even

when you are relaxing at your home. Great, isn’t it?

3. Free practice – If you are a new player willing to take up gambling more seriously, then

online casinos are the perfect thing for you. Unlike land casinos, online ones offer the

unique opportunity to play for free where you can practice any game you want and

become a master of it before wagering real cash.

4. Bonuses – Another great concept that emerged with the online casinos is the idea of

promotions, bonuses, and rewards. New as well as returning players are offered a variety

of bonuses or rewards that they can benefit from while playing the game – something

that wasn’t quite popular in land casinos.

5. Games – Unlike land casinos, casino games galore at the online casinos. Apart from the

numerous traditional games, these casinos offer enthusiasts a plethora of advanced

games that incorporate a great deal of technology, sound and graphic effects and

interesting plots. All the more reason to have fun.

6. Easy transactions – With a variety of options to pay and withdraw online, the online

casinos guarantee that you do not have to stress about depositing or withdrawing your

money. It is super easy and safe as well.

7. No overheads – Like it or not, playing at a land casino involves a lot of overheads like

traveling to the casinos, paying for drinks, tipping the waiter, etc. No such expenses are

involved when you play online. You can play in peace.

8. Better earnings – If you gamble to make a fortune, your luck gets better at online casinos

as they offer slightly better winning rates than the land ones. Obviously, you get to

benefit in several ways by playing at an online casino.

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Sbobet is one of the world’s leading online gaming brands. It has also been a winner of the

Asian Operator of the Year Award in the years 2009 and 2010. The licensing of its operation in

the Asian and European continents is provided by the First Cagayan Leisure and Resort

Corporation in the Philippines and the Government of the Isle of Man. The gaming brand offers

more than 500 sporting events on a weekly basis. It covers all the major international sporting

events also including the football. Apart from the betting, they also provide live updates and

immediate winning confirmations. The brand is very convenient given the fact that it gives rapid

payouts, easy access and very fast bet placements, 24 by 7.

Games offered

Sbobet is especially very popular for the football bets. Although their menu does not come off

as very catchy, they are much more reliable than most other sites when it comes to the

withdrawals and deposits. Almost every single football league and major competitions from

around the world are featured on Sbobet. They also provide live updates about the bets, which

are increasingly in favor of the player. The bets get auto refreshed and you can instantly place a

bet right from the screen.

Apart from football, sbobet also offers to bet on other international sporting events. However,

for these, the bet limits are much smaller. It is, however, possible to make huge money from

these minor sports as well. The sports include field hockey, golf, handball, beach soccer,

American football, baseball, tennis, basketball, athletics, badminton, boxing, beach soccer,

cricket, cycling, darts, lacrosse, mixed martial arts, motorsports, Olympics, pool/snooker, rugby,

squash, table tennis, water polo and winter sports among others.

Apart from all these, sbobet also offers to gamble, featuring many card games and poker. The

gambling menu namely consists of Platinum hounds, Dashing Derby, Lucky Dice, White Wizard,

Temple of Iris, Sheman’s Dream, Secret Garden, keno, scratch cards and virtual slots.

Software and platforms used

Sbobet has partnerships with Acclaimed International Service Provider. It also has partnerships

with TRADOLOGIC thus introducing new binary betting options known as “financials”. The bets

can be placed on phones and computers alike.

Security and support

The customer support is available 24 by 7 and replies with great speed and convenience. They

can be contacted by email, Skype or telephone and provide assistance regarding the accounts,

deposits, fund withdrawals and general betting. You can even catch them live when interacting

through email. Sbobet is also known to be very friendly when dealing with customers.

Withdrawals and deposits

The payments for Sbobet can be made through any currencies, namely Australian dollar, euro,

British pound, Japanese yen, Thailand baht, Singapore dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Malaysian

ringgit, and Renminbi. The deposits can be made through NETBANX, NETELLER, Telegraphic

Transfer, Envoy, Diners, ClickandBuy, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, Ukash, eNETSand Visa


The requests for fund withdrawal are made through the very same portals that you have used

to make the deposits. You may avail the withdrawals using your account as per the rules laid

down for the withdrawal and deposit process. Within a 24 hour period, you can make one

request for withdrawal fund. Depending on the methods you have used, the time taken to

receive the withdrawals could be anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

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Online Slot Games

In this fast moving, stressful and hectic lifestyle people are constantly searching ways to

kick away the tension and have few moments of peace with recreation activities that

will energize them for the daily agenda. There are times when in middle of office hustle

you just want to kick back and take a moment for some pleasure but you’ll have to wait

for the whole week to visit a casino to play some poker. Not anymore because those

games come to you now, online.

Nowadays online slot games are the craze of the block and the prime choice of casino

gamblers. So your desire to play slot games can be met even if you’re socially awkward

or way too busy. You get bonuses, freebies and discounts when you sign-up for these

sites. There are uncountable sites with free online slot games so offering these value

additions attracts more players. It is very easy to win jackpots with these online games,

if you download and install these software it increases your possibility to win a jackpot

a lot, maybe with just a spin. You can enjoy these games anytime and anywhere, you just

need a working computer with internet connection and you’re good to start.

Tips for Online Slot Games

These are games of luck and played by millions across the globe. Online slot games need

no skills and gives you chance to make good money. Here are some tips to ace the online

slot games:

1. Budget

Set a limit on how much you want to gamble, these helps to go through the losing

streaks, set a profit cut so that when you reach the set amount, you’ll be able to stop


2. Go for maximum coins

Jackpots are activated for maximum coin players. Play the maximum coins that can gain

you massive jackpots.

Trending Slot games

1. Gonzo’s Quest:

Best part is the 3D graphics and the grand jackpot of 1850x and bet which can be won

during the bonus features of free spins. One can win till 20 free spins up to 15x and head

to the lost city of gold.

2. Dead or Alive:

It is a 5 reel and 9 payline slot game with a simple theme and a grand 49,000x bet

jackpot. There are awesome bonus features like Sticky Wilds and free spins, sticky wild

symbols trigger the free spins feature.

3. Starburst:

It is 5 reel and 10 payline game with re-spin characteristic that gives up to 3 free spins.

Re-spin reels 2, 3, 4 are replaceable by expanding wilds. The jackpot is a 500x bet with

the maximum lines selected.

4. Mega Fortune:

Mega Fortune is a 25 paylines jackpot video slot game with progressive slots. It has a

free spin feature with up to 15 free spins and 5x multiplier with a jackpot bonus wheel.

The top jackpot is 2000x bet with maximum selected lines.

5. Zeus:

This game features a 5 reel slot with 30 paylines with up to 100 free spins with super

stacked wilds. The maximum of 5 scatters hands a 100 free spins. The bumper jackpot is

500x bet with maximum selected lines.

Online slot games are a great ways to enjoy casino slot games whenever and wherever

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Sportsbook, Where your desires come into reality

      People love sports. Some love to play, some love to watch. Either way, it brings a sense

of excitement in one’s body no matter whether they are playing or watching. People

cheer for their favorite team and also pray for their favorite team to win, some even go

to religious sacred places to give offerings to the deity while praying for their favorite

team or teams to win, such is the madness of sports.

What sportsbooks offer?

Different countries have different games as their national games, and in most countries,

the national games are the games which are most sought after. Although there are some

countries which have a fascination with a lot of games or a selected number of games.

Some people, somehow, are so obsessed with their favorite game or favorite team that

they seem to go to any extent to see their favorite team winning. And there come

sportsbooks, the solution to their obsession to see their dream team winning.

Sportsbooks are websites or online portals which let international residents bet for

their favorite team, and if they win, they get their proposed amount of money or goodies

right in their bank account sitting in luxury and the comfort of their own homes.

How to do it?

The topic of fixing a bet on a certain sport is highly doubtful, especially online. One

never knows if the websites are genuine, so it is always advisable to do their own

research before they fix their precious money on a bet for a certain sport or a certain

team of sport. Also, most pop up websites which look like they’re offering a higher deal

of money in return or an impossibly easy scheme of money or process to fix one’s bet

are highly suspicious, and one should always be aware of those websites and instead bet

their money in trusted websites which have been in the game and taking bets for a long


In most parts of the world, fixing a bet on a game or a game team is illegal. Even in the

USA, only a few states have legalized gambling, and it is mostly illegal throughout the

country and also throughout the world. Although, there are grey lines in the world of

virtual gambling, and the bet fixing websites or as they are popularly known as,

sportsbooks, take advantage of these grey areas to run their websites.

Most of these bet fixing websites or sportsbooks let people from any country of the

world put a bet on a specific region’s any sports team with which they work on or have

tie ups. Although, there are websites which focus on a whole country or a specific game.

Although people has been sent behind bars for gambling in real life, there has been no

known cases in the world of virtual gambling where one has been arrested, so as long as

one is cautious about their actions, sportsbooks can be a real joy to offer to themselves!


Spilling some secrets about Online slots games

The various online slot games that you might come across on the internet require for you to be careful and strategic at the very same time. Before you tap the spin button on the screen, it is important for you to assess as to why you are here in the first place and then proceed accordingly. These betting games are always a 50-50 chance and require for you to play accordingly in order to win. Your dream of hitting the jackpot with just one spin can backfire right back at you and leave you with literally nothing. It is thus very important to make sure that you are aware of what you are getting yourself into and make your decisions accordingly. We have enlisted some of the hushed secrets from the world of online slot games that might come in handy and help you along the way.


  • Manage your costs


The very first thing that you need to keep in mind while playing in an online slot game is to manage how much money you can afford to invest and how much money each spin in the slot is going to cost you. Many times people often tend to overdo their capabilities and spend more than they can afford. It is important to channel your investments properly because there is no set guarantee as to if the player is even going to hit the jackpot that they have invested for. It is important to go over the range of the machine that you are playing in in order to avoid any kind of backlash with the investment.


  • Concentrate on the pay lines


It often is a misconception that pay lines are not something of much concern, but it is important to know that they play a very important role in the world of online slot games. It doesn’t matter whether the player is playing through the live computer system or even just online, pay lines are important and should be assessed with importance. Many players often just stress on a pay line when there is a requirement of it for calculating the steps for the winning spin or to simply calculate the total number of won coins in the game. Pay lines need to be stressed on in every single step of the game and not just in a few parts of it.


  • Don’t stalk other players


This is one of the worst things to follow by. There are a number of slot players to tend often to lurk around what other gamblers are playing and betting on. This is one of the most important things that need to be changed. These strange people are not stalking to ensure the “security” of the casino but are simply here to look for the hot or the cold slots which are mainly the game slots which are considerably bad and the good ones respectively. These people tend not to know the fact that slots play randomly every single time and are not repetitive with the winners and it is thus of no use to snoop around the slot machines.

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Which type of online casino is the best for you?

Online casinos have become very popular in the present days. They have attracted far more

attention than the land based casinos and aren’t restricted to the wealthy and rich only. Online

casinos are a favorite amongst the common man as well and there have been several reasons

for that. They are super easy to access, can be played at anytime and anywhere, there aren’t

any unnecessary expenses and moreover, there is no need to be unnecessarily flamboyant.

People can easily concentrate on their games and make the best out of the numerous games on


Naturally, online casinos have progressed rapidly over the years and the incorporation of

technology has ensured a better gaming experience for all gamblers across the world. In a

pursuit of offering better games and better gameplay, online casinos have now come to be of

three different types:

i. Download based casinos

This type of online casino comes with the option of downloading the casino software on your

desktop, laptop, or tablet. Once the software is downloaded to your device, you can play at

your favorite casino without having to use any sort of browser. The main benefit of this type of

casino is that the games run faster and the experience is quite smooth, even if the internet

connection isn’t super fast. However, they come with the risk of installing malware/spyware

without your knowledge.

ii. Web based casinos

In these casinos, you do not need to download and install any software to play the games. The

entire casino platform can be accessed via the browser if you have a good internet connection.

Such casinos eliminate all chances of malware attacking your device. However, if the internet

connection isn’t quite good, you will not be able to enjoy the games much as the graphic and

sound effects will not work properly and there will be action lags much too often.

iii. Live dealer casinos

To enhance the gambling experience, live dealer games were introduced in the recent past.

Unlike other online casinos where different players play with a virtual deal, the live dealer

casinos offer the gamblers to play with a real dealer from a real casino. Obviously, the appeal is

much more than general virtual casinos and takes the gaming experience to a totally new level.

However, since hosting live games involves more expenses than offering virtual games, not all

casinos can offer live dealer games and even if they do offer, the experience is limited to only a

few classic games like blackjack.

Mobile casinos

Keeping pace with the demand of players worldwide, online casinos have now brought the

gambling industry to your mobiles. Yes, numerous casinos now have their mobile versions that

are totally dedicated to players who like to play on the go on their cell phones. Though the

above three types of casinos can be played on cell phones, yet mobile casinos make things

much easier and convenient for players.

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In the world of online gambling, Sbobet has been a leading brand. This online gambling platform is available in the European and the Asian countries. Sbobet has become a gaming brand and it is now arranging over 500 sports betting events every week. Whenever there is any important international level sport happening, Sbobet is there. Along with easy gambling, you can also get the updates and get to know if you have won. Well, this website has really set its standard by paying out fast, easy betting methods and 24 X 7 services.

Supported Games

If you are a football lover, you already know that Sbobet is all about football betting. Options for football betting might not be that attractive but with secure deposit and withdrawal methods, they have certainly found its place in the market of football betting. It covers all the football leagues and the major tournaments all around the globe. You get to know about the present betting situation and you can place your bet right on your screen.

Along with the football betting, Sbobet is into other sporting events as well. Although, the betting limits are restricted for the other games, but you can still make good money out of not so popular games. You can put your bet for the following games with Sbobet: water polo, table tennis, squash, rugby, snooker, pool, Olympic games, martial arts, lacrosse, cycling, badminton, cricket, boxing, tennis, handball, golf, hockey etc. Basically, you can bet on any possible international gaming event because Sbobet is likely to cover them all.

Also in the online gaming section of Sbobet, you can get to play poker and other card games and many more interesting games as well like Lucky Die, Sheman’s dream, keno, scratch and win, Dashing Derby, Slot machines etc. For all of these games, you can deposit money easily and cash-out even faster, of course, you will need to win for that.

The Software and supported platforms

Sbobet has really got good software which works mainly simply and the main motto of this software is to provide you easier option to bet, deposit and withdraw money. You can try this gambling site on your phone or on your PC as well.

Support and transaction security

Well, Sbobet customer support is up for you 24 X 7 all around the globe. You can contact them via Skype, email, or telephone and ask them about your problems. Irrespective of your issues, they will solve the problem very quickly and efficiently too.

The security issues while transacting with Sbobet is really out of the question. They have their own rules of withdrawal and deposit but you can be assured that your private info is not shared with anybody and while the transaction is in the process, there is no chance of getting hacked. You can request a withdrawal in every 24 hours. You will receive your payment to your account, but the amount of time it will take to cash-out will depend on the method you choose. So, read them well before you pay out.

You can use any of the cards to deposit cash, there is no such restriction on adding money, and the only restriction is your country. If your country supports Sbobet, you can add money with any bank account and credit or debit card you want.

Some of the tricks and cheats to win a round in the Monkey Thunderbolt games

Some of the tricks and cheats to win a round in the Monkey Thunderbolt games

People who are familiar with the world of online slot games are very well accustomed to the concept of the Monkey Thunderbolt Games which were widely popular throughout the different parts of the world, especially Malaysia during 2015. With the popularity of the game, the game developers have also made sure to heighten the difficulty level of the game. For the ones who are not that accustomed with the theme of the game, Monkey Thunderbolt is a popular online betting game in Malaysia and focuses on the monkeys as their pivotal characters. The theme of the game revolves around the legendary monkeys and the time they take to reach the top of the world. The betting procedure is mainly at the time that these monkeys take to reach the top. The betting is done for the time slot of under one minute and second and third places are allotted to the bidders.

How to win the bet?

Since the growing popularity of the game ever since its launch, the developers have made sure to make the game harder to win. BFF888 have gradually increased the difficulty level after gaining the required popularity which was definitely a great strategic way opted by them because people eventually got hooked and it became hard for them not to play and bet on the game. While the difficulty level has been increased, there are several tricks and cheats that can definitely come in handy while placing your bets in the game. We have enlisted some of the most common yet successful tricks that have been opted by several of the online bidders in order to win the bets. But it best to keep in mind that not all the ways suggested are effective and cannot work as well.

  • The entire procedure requires focusing on a few steps that need to be monitored very closely and follow the steps accordingly. The very first step needs to target Capital RM100 from where the process becomes organized and easy to handle.


  • After targeting the said Capital, the next step that needs to be done is to simply place the required amount of bet at the RM1 which is present at the lantern RM100, then RM125 and finally at RM175. This betting procedure, more specifically the said step needs to be performed a number of times, preferably 15 and that too at continuous intervals.


  • The third step in the process in not much different the second one and requires the person to keep continuing with the placed bet until they gradually win the bet, which can either be RM100, RM125 or even RM175, depending on the amount they have placed the bet for.


  • The very last step in the entire process is to increasing your capabilities and bet after winning the said bet from the third step. The player can then up their game by placing bets in the different other slots like that of RM2, RM3 or even RM4, depending on the capabilities and wish of the person.

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Various bonuses to look out for while playing at online casinos

Online casinos have taken over the world in a sweep. They are in trend and have replaced the

land casinos to a great extent with more and more players willing play conveniently from their

home at the online websites than having to visit a real casino which may not be that close. The

various benefits that the online casinos come with have enticed players of all types and across

the world. And amongst these numerous advantages is the excellent bonus feature that was

practically non-existent in the land casinos.

To ensure that gamblers are attracted more to a particular casino, each online casino offers a

plethora of bonuses, rewards, etc. to the players – both new and returning. And believe it or

not, these bonuses do attract players all over the world and give them a chance to enjoy the

hospitality of the casino without using up their own bankroll. Online casino bonuses are so

popular amongst players that casinos offer not one or two types of bonuses to the players, but

several of them, just to ensure that everyone is happy.

Casinos bonuses that you can enjoy

1. Sign up bonus – This is one of the commonest bonuses that new players can benefit from at

an online casino. As soon as you sign up for a particular casino, a signup bonus is added to

your account and you can use the free money to wager as per your will. This is a one-time


2. Welcome bonus – This is a type of deposit bonus and is usually offered to players along

with their initial deposit(s). They usually come in the form of first or second deposit bonus

and casinos usually offer 100-300% bonus on the deposit made. These bonuses can usually

be used only for certain types of games or in a certain percentage.

3. No deposit bonuses – To make new players believe that a particular casino is totally

reliable, some casinos offer a no deposit bonus to each new player. As the name goes, this

bonus is added to the player’s account even before any deposit is made and is a form of

free money that can be used to play games at the casino but cannot be cashed out.

4. Referral bonus – This sort of bonus is usually for returning players who want to earn some

cash by referring their friends to the particular casino. However, do not expect all casinos to

offer a referral bonus and many a time, these bonuses aren’t quite significant. However,

referring friends to popular casinos can earn you handsomely.

5. Monthly or weekly bonuses – These bonuses are entirely meant for regular players who

deposit money regularly for playing. The top 5 or 10 depositors of every month or week are

usually awarded the bonuses.

6. Cash back bonuses – This sort of bonus isn’t quite popular, but is offered by very few

casinos to keep up the enthusiasm in players who lose money. A certain portion (usually

10%) of the money that you lose at a casino is sometimes given back as an encouragement.