Various bonuses to look out for while playing at online casinos

Online casinos have taken over the world in a sweep. They are in trend and have replaced the

land casinos to a great extent with more and more players willing play conveniently from their

home at the online websites than having to visit a real casino which may not be that close. The

various benefits that the online casinos come with have enticed players of all types and across

the world. And amongst these numerous advantages is the excellent bonus feature that was

practically non-existent in the land casinos.

To ensure that gamblers are attracted more to a particular casino, each online casino offers a

plethora of bonuses, rewards, etc. to the players – both new and returning. And believe it or

not, these bonuses do attract players all over the world and give them a chance to enjoy the

hospitality of the casino without using up their own bankroll. Online casino bonuses are so

popular amongst players that casinos offer not one or two types of bonuses to the players, but

several of them, just to ensure that everyone is happy.

Casinos bonuses that you can enjoy

1. Sign up bonus – This is one of the commonest bonuses that new players can benefit from at

an online casino. As soon as you sign up for a particular casino, a signup bonus is added to

your account and you can use the free money to wager as per your will. This is a one-time


2. Welcome bonus – This is a type of deposit bonus and is usually offered to players along

with their initial deposit(s). They usually come in the form of first or second deposit bonus

and casinos usually offer 100-300% bonus on the deposit made. These bonuses can usually

be used only for certain types of games or in a certain percentage.

3. No deposit bonuses – To make new players believe that a particular casino is totally

reliable, some casinos offer a no deposit bonus to each new player. As the name goes, this

bonus is added to the player’s account even before any deposit is made and is a form of

free money that can be used to play games at the casino but cannot be cashed out.

4. Referral bonus – This sort of bonus is usually for returning players who want to earn some

cash by referring their friends to the particular casino. However, do not expect all casinos to

offer a referral bonus and many a time, these bonuses aren’t quite significant. However,

referring friends to popular casinos can earn you handsomely.

5. Monthly or weekly bonuses – These bonuses are entirely meant for regular players who

deposit money regularly for playing. The top 5 or 10 depositors of every month or week are

usually awarded the bonuses.

6. Cash back bonuses – This sort of bonus isn’t quite popular, but is offered by very few

casinos to keep up the enthusiasm in players who lose money. A certain portion (usually

10%) of the money that you lose at a casino is sometimes given back as an encouragement.