Which type of online casino is the best for you?

Online casinos have become very popular in the present days. They have attracted far more

attention than the land based casinos and aren’t restricted to the wealthy and rich only. Online

casinos are a favorite amongst the common man as well and there have been several reasons

for that. They are super easy to access, can be played at anytime and anywhere, there aren’t

any unnecessary expenses and moreover, there is no need to be unnecessarily flamboyant.

People can easily concentrate on their games and make the best out of the numerous games on


Naturally, online casinos have progressed rapidly over the years and the incorporation of

technology has ensured a better gaming experience for all gamblers across the world. In a

pursuit of offering better games and better gameplay, online casinos have now come to be of

three different types:

i. Download based casinos

This type of online casino comes with the option of downloading the casino software on your

desktop, laptop, or tablet. Once the software is downloaded to your device, you can play at

your favorite casino without having to use any sort of browser. The main benefit of this type of

casino is that the games run faster and the experience is quite smooth, even if the internet

connection isn’t super fast. However, they come with the risk of installing malware/spyware

without your knowledge.

ii. Web based casinos

In these casinos, you do not need to download and install any software to play the games. The

entire casino platform can be accessed via the browser if you have a good internet connection.

Such casinos eliminate all chances of malware attacking your device. However, if the internet

connection isn’t quite good, you will not be able to enjoy the games much as the graphic and

sound effects will not work properly and there will be action lags much too often.

iii. Live dealer casinos

To enhance the gambling experience, live dealer games were introduced in the recent past.

Unlike other online casinos where different players play with a virtual deal, the live dealer

casinos offer the gamblers to play with a real dealer from a real casino. Obviously, the appeal is

much more than general virtual casinos and takes the gaming experience to a totally new level.

However, since hosting live games involves more expenses than offering virtual games, not all

casinos can offer live dealer games and even if they do offer, the experience is limited to only a

few classic games like blackjack.

Mobile casinos

Keeping pace with the demand of players worldwide, online casinos have now brought the

gambling industry to your mobiles. Yes, numerous casinos now have their mobile versions that

are totally dedicated to players who like to play on the go on their cell phones. Though the

above three types of casinos can be played on cell phones, yet mobile casinos make things

much easier and convenient for players.

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