In the world of online gambling, Sbobet has been a leading brand. This online gambling platform is available in the European and the Asian countries. Sbobet has become a gaming brand and it is now arranging over 500 sports betting events every week. Whenever there is any important international level sport happening, Sbobet is there. Along with easy gambling, you can also get the updates and get to know if you have won. Well, this website has really set its standard by paying out fast, easy betting methods and 24 X 7 services.

Supported Games

If you are a football lover, you already know that Sbobet is all about football betting. Options for football betting might not be that attractive but with secure deposit and withdrawal methods, they have certainly found its place in the market of football betting. It covers all the football leagues and the major tournaments all around the globe. You get to know about the present betting situation and you can place your bet right on your screen.

Along with the football betting, Sbobet is into other sporting events as well. Although, the betting limits are restricted for the other games, but you can still make good money out of not so popular games. You can put your bet for the following games with Sbobet: water polo, table tennis, squash, rugby, snooker, pool, Olympic games, martial arts, lacrosse, cycling, badminton, cricket, boxing, tennis, handball, golf, hockey etc. Basically, you can bet on any possible international gaming event because Sbobet is likely to cover them all.

Also in the online gaming section of Sbobet, you can get to play poker and other card games and many more interesting games as well like Lucky Die, Sheman’s dream, keno, scratch and win, Dashing Derby, Slot machines etc. For all of these games, you can deposit money easily and cash-out even faster, of course, you will need to win for that.

The Software and supported platforms

Sbobet has really got good software which works mainly simply and the main motto of this software is to provide you easier option to bet, deposit and withdraw money. You can try this gambling site on your phone or on your PC as well.

Support and transaction security

Well, Sbobet customer support is up for you 24 X 7 all around the globe. You can contact them via Skype, email, or telephone and ask them about your problems. Irrespective of your issues, they will solve the problem very quickly and efficiently too.

The security issues while transacting with Sbobet is really out of the question. They have their own rules of withdrawal and deposit but you can be assured that your private info is not shared with anybody and while the transaction is in the process, there is no chance of getting hacked. You can request a withdrawal in every 24 hours. You will receive your payment to your account, but the amount of time it will take to cash-out will depend on the method you choose. So, read them well before you pay out.

You can use any of the cards to deposit cash, there is no such restriction on adding money, and the only restriction is your country. If your country supports Sbobet, you can add money with any bank account and credit or debit card you want.

Some of the tricks and cheats to win a round in the Monkey Thunderbolt games

Some of the tricks and cheats to win a round in the Monkey Thunderbolt games

People who are familiar with the world of online slot games are very well accustomed to the concept of the Monkey Thunderbolt Games which were widely popular throughout the different parts of the world, especially Malaysia during 2015. With the popularity of the game, the game developers have also made sure to heighten the difficulty level of the game. For the ones who are not that accustomed with the theme of the game, Monkey Thunderbolt is a popular online betting game in Malaysia and focuses on the monkeys as their pivotal characters. The theme of the game revolves around the legendary monkeys and the time they take to reach the top of the world. The betting procedure is mainly at the time that these monkeys take to reach the top. The betting is done for the time slot of under one minute and second and third places are allotted to the bidders.

How to win the bet?

Since the growing popularity of the game ever since its launch, the developers have made sure to make the game harder to win. BFF888 have gradually increased the difficulty level after gaining the required popularity which was definitely a great strategic way opted by them because people eventually got hooked and it became hard for them not to play and bet on the game. While the difficulty level has been increased, there are several tricks and cheats that can definitely come in handy while placing your bets in the game. We have enlisted some of the most common yet successful tricks that have been opted by several of the online bidders in order to win the bets. But it best to keep in mind that not all the ways suggested are effective and cannot work as well.

  • The entire procedure requires focusing on a few steps that need to be monitored very closely and follow the steps accordingly. The very first step needs to target Capital RM100 from where the process becomes organized and easy to handle.


  • After targeting the said Capital, the next step that needs to be done is to simply place the required amount of bet at the RM1 which is present at the lantern RM100, then RM125 and finally at RM175. This betting procedure, more specifically the said step needs to be performed a number of times, preferably 15 and that too at continuous intervals.


  • The third step in the process in not much different the second one and requires the person to keep continuing with the placed bet until they gradually win the bet, which can either be RM100, RM125 or even RM175, depending on the amount they have placed the bet for.


  • The very last step in the entire process is to increasing your capabilities and bet after winning the said bet from the third step. The player can then up their game by placing bets in the different other slots like that of RM2, RM3 or even RM4, depending on the capabilities and wish of the person.

Try out with to find out more information.


Various bonuses to look out for while playing at online casinos

Online casinos have taken over the world in a sweep. They are in trend and have replaced the

land casinos to a great extent with more and more players willing play conveniently from their

home at the online websites than having to visit a real casino which may not be that close. The

various benefits that the online casinos come with have enticed players of all types and across

the world. And amongst these numerous advantages is the excellent bonus feature that was

practically non-existent in the land casinos.

To ensure that gamblers are attracted more to a particular casino, each online casino offers a

plethora of bonuses, rewards, etc. to the players – both new and returning. And believe it or

not, these bonuses do attract players all over the world and give them a chance to enjoy the

hospitality of the casino without using up their own bankroll. Online casino bonuses are so

popular amongst players that casinos offer not one or two types of bonuses to the players, but

several of them, just to ensure that everyone is happy.

Casinos bonuses that you can enjoy

1. Sign up bonus – This is one of the commonest bonuses that new players can benefit from at

an online casino. As soon as you sign up for a particular casino, a signup bonus is added to

your account and you can use the free money to wager as per your will. This is a one-time


2. Welcome bonus – This is a type of deposit bonus and is usually offered to players along

with their initial deposit(s). They usually come in the form of first or second deposit bonus

and casinos usually offer 100-300% bonus on the deposit made. These bonuses can usually

be used only for certain types of games or in a certain percentage.

3. No deposit bonuses – To make new players believe that a particular casino is totally

reliable, some casinos offer a no deposit bonus to each new player. As the name goes, this

bonus is added to the player’s account even before any deposit is made and is a form of

free money that can be used to play games at the casino but cannot be cashed out.

4. Referral bonus – This sort of bonus is usually for returning players who want to earn some

cash by referring their friends to the particular casino. However, do not expect all casinos to

offer a referral bonus and many a time, these bonuses aren’t quite significant. However,

referring friends to popular casinos can earn you handsomely.

5. Monthly or weekly bonuses – These bonuses are entirely meant for regular players who

deposit money regularly for playing. The top 5 or 10 depositors of every month or week are

usually awarded the bonuses.

6. Cash back bonuses – This sort of bonus isn’t quite popular, but is offered by very few

casinos to keep up the enthusiasm in players who lose money. A certain portion (usually

10%) of the money that you lose at a casino is sometimes given back as an encouragement.

Reasons to Consider an Online Sportsbook

Reasons to Consider an Online Sportsbook

Well, betting on sports has really become big over the years. The popularity of this particular gambling has increased so much that it has even entered the world of virtual gambling. The sportsbook betting on online platforms are normally done on the NFL matches but you can choose to bet on different games online as well. Other than this, there are pretty much enough reason to go for the online sportsbook betting rather than the offline one.

Online betting is for all

Well, the authorities of online sportsbook betting have made sure that this gambling is for all, to be specific for those who have little to gamble and lot to win. In case of the offline arenas, the agencies are more keen to get the bets form the big money players, they are not bothered about you putting a thousand bucks and winning may be 5 thousand. This is where the online platforms come in and give a chance to these mediocre players a chance to enjoy the game and win a lot more. Also if you are a new player, you might enjoy some extra advantages as well, but that will depend on the different companies who run the online sportsbook.


This is the second most important factor in choosing the online sportsbook over the traditional one. First of all, you won’t need to travel all the way to the casinos of Las Vegas to enjoy the game. Instead you can enjoy the game and the betting, anywhere you want! All you will need is an internet and you are done. It does not matter, where you are or what time of the day it is, whenever there is a game going on, you can bet on it and you can win big if you can bet it the right way. Also getting an online account is lot more easily than getting into an original casino with all the checking and all. Those are kind of a hassle.

More options

The traditional sportsbook available offline is only available for the NFL matches. But the online sportsbook has brought the chance of betting on different sports and that can be anything like, football, basketball, baseball, UFC and even the MMA. This gives the chance to the game lovers from all the field to enjoy their game and earn money through betting. This is the reasons why people are more getting prone to the online sportsbook betting rather than the traditional one.

Reliability and Safety

While betting online, reliability and safety is an important factor. There is no issue with the online sportsbook betting. Yes! There are quite a lot of fake sites available who are looking to take the money from you and cheat on you, most of them are good websites. Also, you can always check online about the websites available online, before you gamble on those websites. If you find their terms and conditions and past reviews has been good, you can surely trust them and bet on those websites.

So, now that you know the factors why you choose online sportsbook betting of The companies that run these websites are here to earn money, so beware of the fact that, any website can turn into fake any day. So check well, bet lower amount in the initial stages, when you are absolutely sure about the website, then online play big and earn more.

3 Star 88 Casino

3 Star 88 Casino

If you are into online gaming, you must know that online gambling is the latest form of the entertainment in terms of the online gaming. In the online casinos you can not only play online games but also you can enjoy a quality time of gambling. One such casino has been 3 star 88 casino. This casino has a lovely environment and the range of options that this website offers is just amazing and attractive. With a nice and fresh user interface, this casino has found its place in the list of best casinos online.

Games available

If you visit the 3 star 88 casino, you will see that this casino has a lot of different types of games.  It offers one of the best card and table games, such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat etc. Also, there is online slots present there. These online slots are the highlight of this online website, as it can be really thrilling and intense at times. The themes used for every slot are different and this gives the casino an edge over its competitors. With the slots, you can always have a go at the jackpot.

Platforms and Software

When the 3 Star 88 casino first available online, it had a pretty simple and small as well. But with time and with the new changes, the software has really become one of the best at work and the software used in this app has taken the most valuable part in making this casino a popular one. With this kind of high-quality software, you can certainly enjoy your gambling a bit more and surely can be good to experience.

The players have multiple options to use the casino games. You can either download the software and play it on PC or you can get it on your mobile phone as well. Also this flash casino can be enjoyed on the linux and mac as well.


The 3 star 88 casino has a very secure network and a user friendly support system. The support for the users is available 24X7 and you can even chat with the support person if you feel that it will help you the most. You can also take help from the support via email and get your problems solved during any time of the day. Their goal is to make the customers have full satisfaction with the game and their service.


Well, you can add fund to your account and also can withdraw your winnings to your bank account easily. Since this is an online casino, there is question about the security of the transaction, but you can surely trust on 3Star88

As they have been in the market for long time and they make sure that your sensitive data is not mishandled. Also while you are adding fund to your account, you will use the secure gateway which will make sure that your payment is done securely. You can use almost any bank’s card to add money and have your withdrawal amount paid to any of your bank accounts.

Ibet Malaysia review

Ibet Malaysia review

Are you fond of playing casino games? Do you love to win money in gambling?  Well, then ibet is the right choice for you. Ibet has brought to you one of the best gambling experience available online. The technology used in this online casino is just out of the world and most importantly the user interface is really sophisticated and user-friendly too. They have one of the best customer services in the world of casino gambling and they make sure that they maintain their standard and keep serving people with a smile. The casino also offers you easy payout and deposit options and a safe platform to use your card and bank details as well.

Games available to play

Being an online casino, this website gives you more than enough option to luck your try and win money. Apart from popular games like baccarat and slots machines, you can also enjoy the Dragon tiger, Sicbo, lottery, and sports betting as well. Irrespective of the gaming event going on, this casino allows you to put your bet on any game you like.

Customer Support

The casino makes sure that they maintain a high level of standard when it comes to the customer support. If you are running a casino and your support staff is not good enough, you will not be able to stand in the market for long. They make sure that their customer support personnel are good enough to keep their good name. Apart from the general support system, they also have a section for technical help. So it’s an all round service that goes around the whole day.

Quality and reliability

The whole team of ibet is looking to help you out with the highest quality of assistance. Any problem you have regarding the casino, just ask the experts and they will be at your service very quickly. Making progress in the most innovative way is what their target is.

System Security

The ibet casino uses the highest quality of encryption of any kind of sensitive data that you might share with them. They make sure that, no personal information is disclosed to any third party and also the transactions are made through a secure channel so that there isn’t any issue with the hacking. So, with ibet you can be sure that your money and private data both are in safe hands.  Also, they make sure to monitor every transaction and encrypted data to make sure there is proper security.


Well, everyone comes to the casino to win some money and ibet is not an exception. Their customers are eager to win money either by putting some bet or by playing some games. These players all over the world are no bothered about the way they win, rather it is the luck factor they believe in winning the money. Whatever the situation may be, when it comes to the withdrawal, there is no problem with this casino. The information you share to withdraw money are completely secure and the money gets transferred to your account soon enough depending on the country you live.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with today and have fun!

SCR888 Casino/Slots

SCR888 Casino/Slots

Scr888 casino is an internet based casino from Malaysia. This is one of those websites which is popular both in the local and the foreign regions. You can get this online casino app on almost any phone and enjoy your time at the casino. The installation of the app I really simple and the betting procedure is simpler really. if you are using an iOs phone or an android, you are going to enjoy this casino even more.

Games offered by Scr888

Once you enter the casino, there are almost hundreds of games available. You can get these games separately on your mobile, so unless you play those games, you do not have to download them. You can play any game anytime and from anywhere you want. With so many options you will be really enthusiastic to try a new game every day.

The main attraction of this casino has been the slot games. With unique graphical design, sound, and types, slot games have really become a great attraction for everyone who enters this casino. You can also play different types of roulette and poker as well. And as they keep updating the games, they do not stay the same every time you play.

Software used

You can get to the Scr888 casino from every single major website related to sports. The gambling websites tend to support each other, that is why if you are trying a different casino, you might see a banner of Scr888 casino in there and you might want to try this casino out. The software used in this casino is really easy to install and placing a bet is also really simple. Making a deposit and withdrawal is also really simple.

Supported Platforms

The casino is supported on every single mobile phone that runs on iOs or android. You can also enjoy placing bets from your PC as well. The method to place a bet is similar to every single platform you are playing on.

Support and transaction is one of those who is willing to serve their customers all day long. They have customer support at your disposal 24X7 and you can contact them via email and other options that are available for your country. Apart from answering to your problems pretty quickly, they offer secured transaction as well.

This casino makes sure that every transaction you make is secured and no one gets to know about your private data that you are sharing while paying online or making a withdrawal. This is what troubles the most of the players and Scr888 casino emphasis on this aspect pretty much.

The procedure to deposit your money is pretty simple and you can also make withdrawals easily. The most important thing is that you can deposit any amount from any of your bank accounts, using net banking, cards, and every single money transfer methods. For the withdrawal, you will need to check the list of banks supported for your country and also make sure to check the time required for the payment and accordingly choose the payment method.

SCR888 Casino review

SCR888 Casino review

Gambling has been a profitable business for a long time now. People have been visiting casinos for decades now. But recently there has been a modification to this gambling and online casinos have been introduced. Since the inception of online casinos, people around the globe is really happy and spending their time in the casinos and putting their money in the hope of winning big. The most important advantage of the casinos being online is that you can play the games any time you want and from anywhere in the world.

There have been a lot of names that has become popular in the online gambling world. Scr888 is one such Malaysian casino that has taken the gambling world by storm.

Games awaiting

Most of the casinos have a limitation in the number of games and you might have to play those games which you haven’t played in ages or try to put bet on the games that you do not even understand. But that does not happen with scr888 casino. You can now enjoy any game you want and with the largest collection of gambling options, you are sure to find your favorite game in the list.


Payout is a real concern for the players all over the world. There are casinos that actually cheat your money and do not let you withdraw any amount at all. scr888 casino has looked into that matter seriously has made it sure that every single player can take the money home whatever amount they win. Although a small note will be that depending on the country you live, the minimum amount to payout may vary. So take a note of that.

New to the casino? Enjoy the free gaming

If you are new to the casino, then you have an exciting option waiting for you. You will get some free chips and coins when you signup and you can use them to actually practice the games you want to play or put bet. Once you are sire that you are ready to play the live game, you can add money and get into the real world of gambling.

Bonuses offered

Much like any other high quality casinos, scr888 has also offers based on conditions that will let you have more money into your account than you have added. They have the signup bonus, the first time bonus and many more to offer you. You also get an option to get free money when you enter the casino for the first time. But that you can only use for the practice games.

High quality Support

Gambling is fine in this casino but when it comes to the support, SCR888 Official just outranks every single casino in the list. They have the best quality customer service to help people with various problems and they are always ready to answer your question without any sort of issues or delay. So, get your money on this casino today and start winning from the very moment.